They Are “Our” Policemen

There is a growing recognition, worldwide, that policemen are being pitted against their own communities.  They are being called on to quash the anger of people who believe that they are not being listened to.


Romanian child offering a balloon heart to a police officer

Good police officers recognize this, but they are in a very difficult position.  They are husbands and fathers with obligations to their wives and children.  Their choices have been made for them.


Romanian officer in riot gear holding child’s balloon

Those who command our police officers have the power.  They have very important obligations.  They must not allow their forces to used to ensure acceptance of the unacceptable.  They must look among themselves, and higher up, to understand why the people are hurting.


Romanian officer holding balloon – second angle

As maudlin as it sounds, I’ve come to believe that the answer really comes down to love and understanding.  We must not protest our officers.  We must have serious discussions with those who have sent them.

The “buck” must be passed back up.


OER Guest Writer